‘Bigger than us’

Paintings by Jaimee Paul inspired by ocean documentary ‘The Map to Paradise’  produced by BlueBottle Films.  

When Art and Film Collide - Paintings inspired by ocean documentary The Map To Paradise produced by BlueBottle Films.

Jaimee Paul, our 'Art For Purpose' animal painter is busy in the studio getting ready for her next solo exhibition titled  'Bigger Than Us'. The exhibition features paintings inspired by b-roll stills captured during the filming of 'The Map To Paradise’. The ocean documentary is currently making its way around private cinema screenings and will be premiering at the international Santa Barbara Film Festival after which it will be released to the public.  

‘The Map To Paradise’ takes you on a journey of positive stories of humanity. The movie follows individuals with dreams to #RestoreParadise and #KeepPlacesWild and documents how their actions, however small, are making a difference. The filmmakers (local to the Northern Beaches) traveled to Antarctica, Palau, the Philippines, Greece, Monterey Bay on the Californian coast and our very own Great Barrier Reef to document their stories and capture this wonderful world we live.   

Jaimee’s ‘Bigger Than Us’ exhibition will inspire and surprise you, with her colour pallet extending past her signature black and white and expanding her horizons. To keep in touch with Jaimee as she develops her work you can follow her on Instagram where she will share process and works in progress.


“The possibility of change rests on our own ability to believe that we can do it.” 

 Art, film and photography speak a universal langue, connecting deep with audiences. This solo exhibition by Jaimee Paul titled ‘Bigger Than Us’ is part of being that Pied Piper of positive change, continuing to spread the filmmakers work, but in a different way – showing the wonder that is so worth fighting for, thought art.  

“I believe art has the power to connect with the viewer on another lever, to see into the soul of a being and care. Like they never mightn’t otherwise. “ - Paul 

10% of profits from the exhibition will be donated to the grass roots film to help spread their story far and wide. A story of hope, of human resilience to not give up on what you believe in and in the future health of our oceans.