beyond the edge

A solo by amanda tye

17th October - 10th November

Join Amanda for the opening Friday the 18th 5 -7pm

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Amanda Tye

Amanda is a landscape painter and her work presents with a unique blend of abstraction and representation. Her large paintings sing of Australia and she works in her studio hidden in the bush on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Tye has been a finalist in the Glover Prize 2019, Fleurieu Art Prize 2018, Mosman Art Prize 2011 and won Northern Beaches Art Prize Peoples choice. She did the unthinkable… with a young family, a mortgage and a fabulous career of 15 years working as a teacher at a high profile High School... Amanda quit her job to paint full time.

Her solo show “Beyond the Edge” is a celebration of what can come from working hard for many years and taking steps that move you towards living a more authentic life. Driven by the dissatisfaction of today’s extremely busy and fast pace life, Tye sought out to paint places resembling untouched paradises, playing with perspective and colour to offer a still and simplified perspective of the local coastal landscape. Amanda’s aim is to share her newly found contentment and sense of freedom with her audience through her paintings.

For further information or a catalogue contact our gallery manager Tom Retter on 0444 595 580.

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