an Audience of One

A solo by Leonie Barton

12th September - 6th October

Drinks with the Artist Saturday 21st September 1-4pm

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A testament to Leonie's tenacity and versatility as a creative practitioner, the exhibition marks a radical departure from the sculptural and photographic work which had long served as the foundation of Leonie's artistic identity. Having subjected her body to the strenuous demands required to create her celebrated, ephemeral installations over the course of many years, Leonie was forced by physical necessity to leave the comfort of familiarity and experience behind, and stare ahead into the great uncertainty of the foggy road ahead.

These exquisite and beguiling mixed medium abstract paintings each mark, not only the hard won triumph of Leonie‚Äôs indomitable artistic will, but the thrill of raw creativity liberated from the shackles of the familiar. 

Please call 0414963332 to arrange a private viewing on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

For further information or a catalogue contact our gallery manager Tom Retter.

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