SRG PRESENTS Their very own Fiona Chandler Solo "OIL & WATER DON'T MIX"

EXHIBITION DATES: AUGUST 30TH- 29TH September 2018  

Please join us on Opening for your chance to speak with the artist:  Saturday 1st September 3:00 - 5:00pm  

‘Oil and Water Don’t Mix’ is a reflection on conversations and journeys and how they inspire to create a sense of space and place.

“One example of this is the piece ‘A Leap Taken’ (pictured) which is the beginning of the new body of work I’ve created for this exhibition. On a road trip out west, I looked out the car window and saw the most stunning gully but I was running late to plein air meeting so I couldn’t pull over to capture it.”

“As I kept driving I realised I entered the same gully but from a different direction and was stunned by the sheer scale of it. I sat surrounded by the walls of the gully with vast variety of colours and textures and captured not only the beauty of it, but the deep sense of happiness I felt sitting in the middle of the Australian landscape,” said Ms Chandler.

The most significant part of Ms Chandler’s process is spending time looking at colour and interpreting which is depicted – not necessarily true to the colour that the naked eye can see.

“Consider the movement of the painting, inviting you to reflect on the parallel stillness from which the inspiration is drawn from life. Each turn and feature of the canvas is my recreation of the places I’ve travelled with my family, the areas I’ve  known, and the time spent. Being in the open is the inspiration as the active passenger on these travels.”

 “When spending more time looking closer, a very macro shot of sand isn’t just yellow but contains a complex array of purples and blues. The vision of watercolour, ink, acrylic, and oil replicates the freedom felt when travelling; with my family by my side as I craft my own stories and memories,” said Ms Chandler.

‘Oil & Water Don't Mix’ runs alongside our group show ‘The Green Room’ 

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm or by appointment call 0404 996 739

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